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Rock Pigeons Brotherhood

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan Mountain Guides and Porters.

Our work place – mountains!
E-mail: rock_pigeons@camp4joy.org
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Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan Mountain Guides and Porters

We offer you a service of a team of mountain guides & porters under the direction of their experienced instructors. Their skills include climbing, skiing and hiking. Each of the guides work only in certain mountain areas in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. But together we can guide you through all mountain routes in these three countries and guarantee the successful performance of a tour.

Our mountain guides can be employed by groups or individuals assuring the safety of the climbing party. In addition to assuring safety, mountain guides together with porters offer other desirable services to their clients, for instance cooking and so on. These services can significantly improve the alpine experience, especially when the client climber has limited time or equipment, lacks a qualified partner or is visiting an unfamiliar area. Other additional mountain guide services may include:
Precise local knowledge of mountain routes, weather, snow & glacier conditions;
Specific training in alpine skills like off-piste skiing, avalanche awareness, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain navigation & the proper use of mountain tools like ice ax, crampons, rope, climbing anchor systems, avalanche beacons, etc.;
The ability to contact helicopters for remote ski mountaineering access or heli-skiing;
Preferential access to various ski lifts & trams;
More immediate access to use-limited features in areas like national parks.

Our service is not expensive. If you would like more information, please contact: rock_pigeons@camp4joy.org

Our work place – mountains!

Fann Mountains Trekking in Fann Mountains

Tajikistan Adventure Tours
Around Tajikistan (10 days)
Tadjikistan sightseeing 10 days tour. Itinerary: Dushanbe - Norak – Kalai Khum - Khorog - Yamg - Yashil Kul Lake – Bulunkul – Khorog – Kalai Khum – Khoburubot – Iskandarkul Lake – Dushanbe.
Price: 1615 USD
Around Tajikistan (5 days)
Around Tajikistan (5 days). Tadjikistan sightseeing tour. Itinerary: Dushanbe – Norak – Kalai Khum – Khoburubot – Dushanbe – Iskandarkul Lake – Dushanbe.
Price: 820 USD
Communism Peak and Korzhenevskaya Peak expedition
Communism (Ismoil Somoni) Peak (7495 m) and Korzhenevskaya (7105 m) Peak expedition. Mountaineering program 2024.
Price: 2500 USD
Expedition «3 7000+m peaks of Pamir»
Expedition «3 7000+m peaks of Pamir»; Basic program Bishkek-Dushanbe
Price: 5700 EUR
Fann Mountain - Route FT8 - Easy
Fann Mountain - Route FT8 "Easy". Program of 6 days trek for the fixed dates:22.06-27.06, 9.07-14.07, 30.07-4.08, 17.08-22.08, 26.08-31.08, 2.09-7.09, 25.09-30.09, 3.10-8.09.
Fann Mountains - Route FT2 – Photo tour
This trek is an excellent addition to visiting the historical cities of Uzbekistan. The mountains of Uzbekistan are beautiful, but still inferior to the beauty of the Fann Mountains. Over the five days that you may spend in Tajikistan you will see much more beauty of nature than at the same time in any of the accessible mountainous regions of Uzbekistan. At the same time, none of the cities of Tajikistan is comparable to the world-famous historical centers of Samarkand and Bukhara. If you want to see everything at once, please contact us.
Fann Mountains - Route FT3 - Azorchashma
Fann Mountains - Route FT3 - Azorchashma. Program of 12 days trek for the fixed dates: 26.06-7.07, 11.07-22.07, 25.07-5.08, 12.08-23.08, 29.08-9.09, 23.09-04.10.
Fann mountains - Route FT4 - Maximal
Fann mountains - Route FT4 - Maximal. Program of 11 days trek for the fixed dates: 21.06-2.07, 10.07-21.07, 27.07-7.08, 15.08-26.08, 1.09-12.09, 19.09-31.09, 5.10-16.10..
Fann Mountains - Route FT5 - Dushanbe - Samarkand
Fann Mountains - Route FT5 - Dushanbe - Samarkand. Program of 09 days trek for fixed dates: 28.07-6.08, 7.08-16.08, 20.08-29.08, 18.09-27.09
Fann Mountains - Route FT6 - Chimtarga
Fann Mountains - Route FT6 - Chimtarga. Program of 12 days trek in the Fann Mountains for the fixed dates: 26.06-7.07, 11.07-22.07, 25.07-5.08, 12.08-23.08, 29.08-9.09, 23.09-04.10.
Fann Mountains - Route FT9 - Bodhona
Fann Mountains - Route FT9 - Bodhona. Program of 8 days trek for the fixed dates: 24.06-1.07, 28.06-5.07, 8.07-15.07, 17.07-24.07, 5.09-12.09, 15.09-22.09.
Fann Mountains. Trekking in Fann Mountains
The route description 12-14 days (FT1 - the Necklace of Fann mountains). The fixed dates of program - 21.06-4.07, 10.07-23.07, 27.07-9.08, 15.08-28.08, 1.09-14.09, 19.09-2.10, 5.10-18.10 .
Fann mountais - Route FT10 - Southwesterly
Fann mountais - Route FT10 - Southwesterly. Program of 8 days trek for fixed dates: 2.08-10.08, 13.08-21.08, 03.09-11.09, 16.09-24.09.
Trek in Fann mountains with an attempt of Zamok peak (5070), Energy peak (5120)
Trek in Fann mountains with a climbing attempt of Zamok peak (5070) and Energy peak (5120).
Price: 1280 USD
WCUT 03. Along Alexander the Great's Road
An excursion-historical tour passes along the territory of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It repeats the part of the way of Alexander’s Asian campaign. The tour is assigned for those who love history, ethnography and oriental exotic. Duration: 15 days Season: June, July, August.
WUTK 01. Pamir – The Roof of the World
Unique tour along Pamir Highway introduces you to one of the forbidden places of our planet. There are only two places in the world (Tibet and Andes) where car roads are laid through the mountains on above 4 000 m height. You will be able to see the high Pamir Mountains, rivers and lakes, famous Vakhan Valley, ruins of ancient fortresses Kaakhka, Yamchun, Ratm, take a bath in curative thermal springs, meet with local people – pamiris, which preserved their cultural and centuries-old traditions.
Kyrgyzstan Mountaineering
Ala-Archa Mountaineering School
7-days programs & optional two-days programs for the novice, intermediate an advanced level of climbing in Ala-Archa.
Price: 970 USD
Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay
The Pamir Alai mountain range is a paradise for climbers. An entire constellation of grandiose granite peaks juts from a narrow 20-kilometer strip of the Turkestan ridge. Every summer, outstanding mountain climbers gather there.
Price: 960 EUR
Climbing Lenin peak + Khan Tengri in one summer
Lenin Peak & Khan-Tengry in one summer 2024. Expedition 36 days
Price: 3400 USD
Expedition «3 7000+m peaks of Pamir»
Expedition «3 7000+m peaks of Pamir»; Basic program Dushanbe -Bishkek
Price: 5700 USD
Experienced Climbing in Ala-Archa
Leader Climb (7-days program) by the price 970 USD per person. Optional two-days programs “Leader climb”.
Price: 970 USD
Fixed dates expedition to Lenin Peak
Climb Lenin Peak. All inclusive GUIDED tour. Guaranteed departure date expedition to Lenin Peak with experienced mountaineering guide.
Price: 2100 USD
Heli-ski in Kyrgyzstan
The heli-ski runs in Kyrgyzstan are grouped into 3 major geographic zones ...
Price: 4800 USD
JRG 01. Jeep tour along Sary-Chelek
Kyrgyzstan, 10 days tour. July, August, September. Itinerary: Bishkek – Sary Chelek – Arslanbob – Kazarman – Naryn – Tash Rabat - Son Kul - Issyk Jul- Bishkek
Khan Tengri BC trek + Khan Tengri climbing
Acclimatization trek from «At-Jailoo» 2500m to BC «South Inylchek» 4100m + Khan Tengri climbing in one package
Price: 2850 USD
Khan-Tengri Peak Expedition 2024. Khan Tengry Peak Climbing
Climb Khan-Tengri Peak. Base Camp South Inylchek will be active between 10th of July and 25th of August in 2024.
Price: 2900 USD
Khan-Tengri Peak North Face expedition (7010 m)
We invite you to participate in the Khan-Tengri Peak Group Expedition from the North. Dates of the program: from July 20 to August 9, 2024.
Price: 3500 USD
Kyrgyzstan heliskiing. 8 days program
Heli skiing in Suusamyr, Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan heliskiing. 8 days program.
Price: 4500 USD
Kyrgyzstan Hotels prices booking
Kyrgyzstan Hotels Information Booking Living cost
Lenin Peak Expedition 2024
Lenin Peak Expedition. Climb Lenin Peak. Lenin peak's range climbing.
Price: 1350 USD
Lenin Peak Sky Race
Mountaineering Competition "Lenin Peak Sky Race". The 4th International Sky race will be held on July 27, 2019.
Price: 600 USD
Lenin Peak. Full board up to the summit with high altitude guide service
Dear friends! We are glad to inform you about additional dates for guided expedition Lenin peak 2024 from International Mountaineering Camp (IMC) Pamirs
Price: 2400 USD
Mountaineering Camp (IMC) - Lenin Peak
There is a unique opportunity to spend part of the summer 2023 in the area of Lenin Peak in the legendary International Mountaineering Camp (IMC) "Pamirs".
Price: 2400 USD
Mountains and Lakes of Tian-Shan
The tour we offer you below is a light version of trekking on Terskei Ala-Too range and trip to Son-Kul lake. It begins in Bishkek, the capitals city of Kyrgyzstan.
Price: 2000 USD
Pamir Adventures
The trekking program is created for those, who want to see the amazing nature of Kyrgyzstan. It goes in the Pamir mountain system through various landscapes. We trek along the gorges of Turkestan mountain range and to the heart of Pamir-Alai mountain system. Itinerary: Bishkek – Batken – Uzgurush village – Buldzhuma pass – Dzhalgychy pass – Ortochashma gorge – Ak-Suu gorge –Uzgurush village – Batken – Osh - Base Camp “Achik Tash” – Camp1 - “Achik Tash” Base Camp – Osh city
Price: 2270 USD
Pamiro-Alay Trekking, Pamiro–Alai, Turkestan Ridge
We offer simple trekking via Turkestansky Range located in one of the most beautiful region of Pamir-Alai. The spectacular summits with sides converging at an altitude of 5000m sharp peaks likewise gigantic dice, adorn the wide ridge of watershed of Aksu and Karavshin gorges.
Price: 2330 USD
Pobeda Peak Expedition. Jengish Chokusu Peak Climbing 2024
Key Information, Pobeda Peak Expedition (7.439 m), Route Description, Basic program, Costs and other details, Your guides, Mountain Safety, Helicopter flights timetable for 2024
Price: 2900 USD
Razdelnaya peak expedition
Guaranteed departure date expedition with experienced mountaineering guide. Ascent to Razdelnaya Peak (6148 m). We leave at 8 am. In some meters a steep rise to the ridge. Moving along a wide ridge and again a steep ascent to the top of the Razdelnaya Peak. Moving on crampons in rope team. The average transit time is 4-6 hours.
Price: 1400 USD
Ski touring and Backcontry at Lenin peak
Price is 950$ per person (full board). If the group 4+ - leader goes for free. Cost of the guide - $2000 for 2-4 persons. If the group consist of more than 4 pax - assistant of the guide is required. The best time is the beginning of a season of July - 1.07.
Price: 950 USD
Ski touring in Terskei Ala-Too mountains
Skitour in Karkara. A lot of people learn skiing during the trip. On downhill skiing you will be overwhelmed with joy and pride of yourself. Every day you will have new challenges and new achievements. You will experience unforgettable feelings!
Price: 1120 USD
Special offer for Khan Tengri Peak expedition 2024
Guaranteed departure dates for an expedition with an experienced mountaineering guide: August 3 to August 23, 2024
Price: 3500 USD
Special offer Lenin Peak 2024
Climb Lenin Peak with maximum comfortable packs, ideal for entry-level climbers. Tents on 5300 m, 6200 m; group equipment: rope, gas and gas stoves, cooking set; high altitude food
Price: 1300 USD
Speed climbing to Lenin peak.
Speed ascent to Lenin peak. Lenin Peak is the highest summit of Zailiysky Range. Its height is 7134 meters above sea level.
Price: 770 USD
Spring in Komorchek trekking programm in Kyrgyzstan
9 days trekking program in Kyrgyzsan mountains. Fixed date in May.
Price: 1110 USD
The trek from «At-Jailoo» 2500m to BC «South Inylchek» 4100m
Trekking to the Khan Tengri Base Camp. Basic program
Three 7000+ peaks of Kyrgyzstan in 2024
48 days program for climbing Lenin Peak, Khan-Tengri and Pobeda peaks in 2024.
Price: 3400 USD
Trekking to the Khan Tengri BC plus mountaineering program
Trekking to Base Camp + Khan-Tengri expedition. Acclimatization trek from «At-Jailoo» 2500m to BC «South Inylchek» 4100m + mountaineering program by the price: $2850
Price: 2850 USD
Trekking to the Khan Tengri BC. Fixed departure dates
Trip features: Trek. Visits to Base Camps Southern Inilchek and Karkara, high altitude trekking camps (2800 m. - 4000 m. a.s.l.).
Price: 2750 USD